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Comfort and confidence in every move.

the ultimate freedom
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Inspired by colours, nature, and spirit

UPF 50+
Breathable Fabric

One of the softest types of fabric for leggings. The pattern is ergonomic and it keeps everything in the right place! The waistband is a must. I love the colours are so vibrant and don't wash off, I have had my leggings for years and I wear them for running, yoga and the dancefloor, of course.

Alicia B

Hi Everyone, just felt I had to let the men out there know that us men can also wear these wonderful leggings whilst doing our yoga. Well, I have to agree with the other comments you will see

these are just the most comfortable leggings you will ever wear.

Rob T

I’ve been practicing various yoga styles for over 19 years now and yet I had never experienced such comfortable clothing like these before. The fabric is silky smooth, stretchy, non-sweaty and fits like a glove. I genuinely can’t recommend them highly enough.

Gary I

I absolutely love these catsuits - the design of the backs are amazing! I think I have around 4 of them now!!

They are non-see-through, so perfect for when I am either teaching or practicing yoga. They are super soft, bright colourful designs & fit my shape perfectly. I love the brands authenticity.

Go take a look now as they do not mass produce - another plus point. XX

Love, love, love my colourflow active leggings - the best yet! I am a yoga teacher who wears leggings most of the time and since putting on a few pounds these leggings still hug my body like a second skin, no digging in, muffin top or camel toe. Win win win

Mel T

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We are proud to be ...

  • We hold an International certificate of absence of any toxic products to the skin in our garments.

  • Our garments are manufactured using an eco thread. Garments made with this thread when discarded in an anaerobic environment will decompose in less than 3 years.

  • Recommended by dermatologists, our garments present an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF50 +) blocking more than 98% of the ultraviolet rays that would damage skin.

  • We at Colour Flow are proud to use a unique NON-SEE-THROUGH material guaranteeing no transparency and amazing, vibrant, long-lasting colours on all our leggings, catsuits and tops.


    This breathable stretchy material provides GREAT SUPPORT AND COMFORT during exercise while being kind to your skin.

  • All Colourflow patterns are chosen individually by us and only produced in limited numbers. This approach ensures unique designs, reduces waste, and promotes sustainability by preventing overproduction.

  • Our garments are produced with reused water. The water is used sustainably in a closed cycle in partnership with SABESP

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